Friday, February 4, 2011

Five Alive Friday

Keep going, you're almost there! Here are five links to get you a smidgen closer to 5 pm.
  1. There's nothing like a child's perspective on the big issues. Here a group of 5 to 8 year olds talk about love.
  2. Try on a famous 'tache with the fab new site, Moustache is Good.
  3. This week News Corp unveiled The Daily, the first ever news publication created solely for iPad and tablet users.
  4. Behold! J.Crew's Spring 2011 lookbook. Each outfit is better than the next.
  5. Every wondered how a magazine is put together? This must-see clip reduces two months of love, care and passion spent making the Black Swan edition of Little White Lies into two minutes.


  1. J. Crew's spring lookbook puts me in the best mood! Hope you have a lovely weekend. xx

  2. The 1st one is so cute.

    Happy friday!!


  3. your friday five just keep getting better! love the making of a magazine and those cuties from number one xx

  4. i love your links, all so interesting :) i need to go hear the kids one that is always priceless!


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