Thursday, February 3, 2011

Be Genki

I like brands that take the road less travelled - like Be Genki. With most beauty products there is a lot of fluff and not much substance. Be Genki on the other hand takes a holistic view and advocates wellness on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. After all, 'genki' is Japanese for being happy, healthy, positive and in harmony.

What initially piqued my interested was that their products are made from GM-free natural ingredients and contain no synthetic colours, fillers, fragrances, parabens, mineral oils or petrochemicals.Hallelujah! It's their attitude though that has held my curiosity.

Image: Be Genki

In fact, all summer I have been using the Be Genki Face Mist. Every time I pick it up and see the label it makes me think about what actually makes me happy. For me, it's all about love. It's being with the people I love. It's spending time doing the things I love. And it's my love of newness - new ideas, new people, new opinions, new experiences.

Interestingly, Dr Timothy Sharp from The Happiness Institute suggests there are some general principles for being happy, including:
  • being clear about your goals
  • living healthy
  • being positive but realistic
  • fostering key relationships
  • using your strengths
  • enjoying the moment
So, my friends - the million dollar question is, what makes you genki?


  1. oooo these look great, i'll have to investigate.

    i think having achievable goals is one thing that makes me happy at the moment. something to aspire and look forward to.

    oh, and the newly discovered gelato shop up the road is making me pretty happy too :)

  2. this is a fun word, thank's for sharing it ;)
    right now my crazy kitty purring next to me makes me happy! Hearing the words "i love you" always make me happiest.

  3. I love everything about being genki - it is such a great word & has so many happy memories attached to it. As far as the happy principles go, I really need to work on the 1st & 3rd points. I really have trouble setting meaningful goals & when it comes to number 3, whilst I am positive, I totally live in la la land when it comes to being realistic about what is achievable in a 24 hour period when 2 cheeky toddlers are involved.

  4. This totally made me want to try this...I love the concept behind it and even the name of it :)

  5. I love your opening line, "I like brands that take the road less travelled" - I totally agree! I will have to check out Genki!


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