Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Scared of Heights

Aerial Photography by Ricardo Mendonca Ferreira

Flying makes me feel physically ill.

I could think of nothing worse than going up-up-and-away in a hot air balloon.
You will never catch me on a balcony or up a ladder.

But for some strange reason, Ricardo Mendonca Ferreira's aerial photography takes my breath away - in a good way! Go figure.


  1. Funny - I'm not scared of heights (usually) but these make me giddy. Great photography though!

  2. I second the giddiness, I feel like I'm about to fall when I look at these, BUT they are clever & beautifully captured. Thank you for finding hummingbird & for introducing me to checks and spots - I'll visit often! x

  3. I am the same as Lady B. I am not scared of heights but these made me a little woozy (in a good way). Hmmm....

  4. I'm terrified of heights and these have the same effect on me as you. I love the flattened, almost surreal effect.


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