Thursday, March 18, 2010

Meet Zach

Let me share with you a story I heard the other day about a boy called Zach. It goes a little something like this...

Zach is 25. He lives in a 178 square foot studio apartment in downtown Brooklyn. Over the last three years, he has spent just $2,500 decking out his shoebox...sorry...apartment.

In November 2008, Zach saw an ad on Craigslist by upscale architecture firm, Robert Couturier & Associates who were looking for a junior designer with three years' experience and expertise in using a computer drafting program. As a theatre major, who had been mainly waiting tables since graduating, he didn't meet either of these requirements.

But he did have pictures of his apartment. So Zach got the job! Sometimes I guess it pays to be innately stylish...


  1. Oh i simply love his place, and your blog. Its so cute.

    He definitely is stylish. Im glad he got the job, id let him design my space. definitely.

  2. Lovely apartment, and lovely story - just goes to show that natural talent and flair will really get you places if you're brave enough to try....

  3. Do you know if he is single? JOKE!

    Loved this post xox

  4. oh i saw this, how impressive?! i couldnt believe how much is in his apartment and how spacious it still feels. not to mention, what a budget and what an amazing job to come from it! loved the gumboots JUST for decoration! what i would love to see is an ariel shot of this space : )


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