Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Settle Nettel

Trend Spotter: The Rise and Rise of Nettels

Have you heard that there's a new acronym in town? Meet the Nettels - six figure income families who have enough dough, but 'Not Enough Time to Enjoy Life.'

Nettel parents work full-time, and often overtime, whilst also juggling kids, meals, work commitments, exercise, friends and of course, keeping up with the Jonses. According to social researcher, Bernard Salt, "Stressed-out Nettel parents ares are forever scheduling, scheming and diarising about how to execute the next day's events. And, by some bizarre twist of logic, many of these parents seem to revel in the scheduling frenzy. In a materialistic go-getter world, a couple's ability to juggle and to control life's commercial and familial demands (when other lesser beings cannot) merely confirms their superior "alpha" status."

If you'd like to avoid Nettels, I'll give you the mail - give Canberra a miss. Analysis of 2006 Census data reveals that the top five Nettel areas are:
1. Curtin, ACT
2. Forrest, ACT
3. Paddington, NSW
4. Albert Park, VIC
5. Balmoral, QLD

Phew - Pretty exhausting stuff! At least Cubs will be glad there is a new demographic taking the heat off them!

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  1. Ha ha ha! Funny that there is now an acronym for this. And Nettel seems to suit somehow...


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