Thursday, September 9, 2010

Quote Bag Studio

Images: Cool Hunting

I always have a couple of bags on the go:
There's my bag for when I'm working.
A sweet handmade bag that I picked up from a local market and that comes along whenever I do errands.
A clutch for when I'm heading out at night.
And the least glamorous of all...the nappy bag!

I'd love a bag that covers all bases - and I think I might have just found the crew to it.

Bangkok-based label, Quote Bag Studio, creates bags that are as durable as they are beautiful. Featuring quality materials and intriguing silhouettes, each style is produced in small quantities and is complete with lining and pockets for all your treasures.

So - How many bags do you have in rotation?

From US $48; Quote Bag Studio is available from Etsy.


  1. I am such a bag girl...I have really a lot of bags and I love the last one....You know what they say....There is always a place in my closet for a new one...hahaha:)

    ps: I am hosting a really cute GIVEAWAY, so please join in:)

  2. These are adorable! I have so many bags, but usually stick with one at a time just because I get lazy and don't want to switch out all my stuff. But I should switch it up more often.


  3. Who doesnt like bags?
    I am off to check these

  4. these bags are so cool! & they start at $49??

    i gotta check them out.

    <3 gina

    p.s i love that you say "nappy bag", i think it's so cute. Diaper bag just does not have the same appeal! hehe

  5. cant get enough of bags...always have a excuse to buy a new one:) love the bottom image xx

  6. i always need extra's crazy because my closet is literally filled with a bag for every other day:) xoxo

  7. the ones with the red stripes on the inside!? so great!

  8. I'm such a bag lady. Best accessory to own! Loving these cute ideas. love it. Thanks for stopping by my blog.


  9. So... I have my big leather bag, which I love, but is a little heavy (but useful for lugging my laptop around). Then there is the green bag - slightly smaller, but I can still fit my DSLR in without a problem. A small leather bag, which is great for errands - but doesn't fit my DLSR. Then then two "going out bags", one glitzy and one cool. Embarrassingly I down-sized a lot when I moved overseas and this is the bare minimum, I'm always on the look out for more.

  10. Most of the time I carry around a large men's travelling bag but if I can, I really prefer to carry a small clutch.


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