Thursday, September 2, 2010

Interview: Empire Vintage Owner, Lyn Gardener

You'll be hard pressed to find anyone as genuinely warm and delightful as Lyn Gardener. Owner of the iconic store, Empire Vintage, Lyn has a bowerbird-like eye for unusual, decorative, and functional vintage pieces. She also runs a prop and hire business and has three homes so perfectly decorated they give me heart pangs. You can even stay at one of them - The White House in Daylesford - and completely indulge in a little Lyn magic!

Recently I spoke with Lyn to find found out a little bit more about this vintage maven:

Lyn's Empire Vintage store...

My muse is... so many other decorators/designers/stylists, not really any one person in particular!

I'm happiest when... I am working on a new project for myself....and curling up on the couch in our country property with my boyfriend and dog jack with the fireplace roaring on a very cold winters day!

A day in my life...up early, a styling job for a linen company, a meeting with a decorating client, picking up props, many phone calls, thinking of new projects....home to meet my boyfriend at our local bar to catch up on the day just passed....never enough time to fit everything in.......the next day, totally different again....

One of Lyn's dreamily decorated homes...

I describe my aesthetic as...vintage, rustic, a little industrial, my style carries through everything I do including all of my interiors, my store.

My ultimate project design and decorate a boutique hotel.

You can never have enough....laughter and happiness!

My guilty pleasure is....buying items that I just cannot leave behind and not always having the room for them...I sometimes even end up changing the entire room to make it work or fit in!

Take a peek inside The White House in Daylesford...

My most treasured dog Jack

I'm passionate about...almost everything....I can get excited over a old book or a piece of vintage fabric!

I escape country house in Daylesford or overseas when I can.

My golden rule is...A quote by Coco Chanel...“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.”

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  1. I love every item in every photo! What an inspiring lady.

  2. What a great post. Amazing woman. Very inspiring. Would love to swap lives for a day that's for sure. LOVE her style. Pruxxx

  3. I'm totally into antique rustic anythings:) that would be my guilty pleasure too! i want everything but have no room for it....hence my closet is overloaded. :) love this!

  4. Everything from the store looks fabulous!

    Great interview

    Thanks for visiting my blog!
    I'm now your newest follower.

  5. She sounds like such a lovely person and I adore all the photos...The store looks great too..I would love to have a look around one day:)
    Kisses and thanks for that great interview:)

  6. I have stayed here, last year in fact. Very beautiful, exactly like the pictures! When we went, Daylesford actually lost power, and we were faced with the possibility of a night without electricity. It didn't matter! We were so cosy and warm, we were a little upset when the power finally did return! I highly recommend The White House.

  7. ok that kitchen w/ the chalkboard in it........ my dream. i think the food i would make in that kitchen would just taste better.


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